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September 16th Update

Hello Morris Campus,

Welcome back! We had a great summer at Morris Campus Educational Farm and look forward to a productive and lively fall with you. There’s plenty to do and we would love to organize a time to see you, your classes, your groups, and your staff teams for mindfulness activities and loving farm care. 

If you’re interested in bringing your students out please send an email to Jen Hartzell at and Ray Garcia at with timing, school, number of students/staff, and any particular interest you might have at least a day before your planned visit. Check out our website for more information:  


Mondays and Tuesdays 8am-12pm
Wednesdays and Fridays 9:30am-5:30pm

While at Morris Campus Educational Farm we…

*Use 1 mic in group settings 

*Respect self & others i.e. Keep hands off others, respectful language, work as a team & participate in activities.

*Respect Morris Campus Educational Farm, plants and all living creatures–i.e. Do not pick or take ANYTHING from the farm without asking. Do not stand on top of any structures.

*Be safe with tools and take care of them. i.e. Always prop tools up against wall never leave them on the ground, keep all pointy parts of tools below the knee. 

*Leave it better than when you came. i.e. pick up trash if you see it and keep the MCEF beautiful


This summer we hosted 12 interns from MACS, Bronx International, HSVD, and SFE. Interns put in so much care to planting, harvesting, maintenance, pest and disease management, construction, herb drying, seed collecting, and more. All of the harvests were donated to the school and surrounding communities, totaling over 565 pounds of organic, fresh food. 

Wellness In Schools also came 4 times to lead fully packed cooking workshops where interns learned cooking techniques, tips, and recipes from trained chefs, using what they learned to lead their own cooking workshops at the Jackson Forest Community Garden Open Garden Day and at South Bronx Farmers’ Market where we were hosted by La Finca del Sur Urban Farm.

The New York Botanical Garden lead weekly workshops with interns covering food justice and farm care. 


  • Fall Internship applications are ready! The internship runs from September 23rd-November 8th; applications are on the Farm and attached to this email. Applications are due by Friday, September 20th.
  • Classes, groups, and teams are welcome to start scheduling visits starting next Wednesday, September 18th.
  • We’re looking forward to this year’s Fall Harvest Festival on November 8th where we’ll celebrate our relationship with the land with food, food demos, farm activities, and more! 
  • We’re regularly donating food to the Morris Campus Cafeteria – come help harvest!
  • Our second hoop house is starting to take form, we’re looking forward to a new and larger space that will allow us to grow into the cold weather.