Jeffrey Lu

Jeff has extensive and successful experience as a businessperson and entrepreneur over the past decade. He has held C-suite and corporate-level management roles at both successful technology-driven start-ups and billion-dollar companies, building and leading high-performing business, strategy, and analytics teams. This includes:

– Head of Strategy and the CEO’s #2 at AAE Travel (online travel), which he helped establish and where he developed and drove the successful plan for rapid growth to 10 countries and profitability, resulting in an acquisition transaction at a US$345M valuation
– Group Head in the Commercial division and Head of Strategy in Tony Fernandes’s CEO’s Office at AirAsia (KLSE: 5099, an innovative and entrepreneur-led travel conglomerate with >90% of sales through online channels), with responsibilities across strategy, analytics, digital marketing, special projects, and driving 9-figure commercial product lines
– Establishing Think BIG Sdn Bhd and serving as a board director (invested in by AIMIA [TSX:AIM] valuing the company at US$109M)
– Consultant at Bain & Company, where he consulted on projects in healthcare, private equity, tech, travel, and finance
– Managing Director and Co-Founder of Goodman Capital, an investment company which has seeded, invested in, and incubated several companies across Asia and the U.S. in biotech, tech, and real estate

Since his first job at Bain, where he was trained to develop deep data-driven insights and strategies for companies, Jeff has been a major believer in the power of data to build transformative businesses. At AAE and AirAsia, Jeff built and managed data analytics teams. He worked to instil data-driven decision making across the organizations, and his teams harnessed big data to drive many millions of dollars of revenue/profit upside. Key applications of data intelligence included product test-and-learn cycles, marketing and pricing optimization, product development, strategy development, and behavioral analyses for customer-led growth.

He received his bachelor’s degree summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania.